Who are we?
We are a group of Christians, all volunteers from many different churches in the area, who have been trained in the ministry of healing.   Dorchester Healing Rooms are located in a major ‘Health Centre’ in Poundbury, not operating as part of the practice but under the same roof. We’re certainly not a substitute for medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions or disorders. That’s between you and your doctor. We are however, members of The International Association of Healing Rooms, who operate all over the world. That means literally thousands of people are being healed.

The age of  miracles isn't over!

Far from it. God's healing medicine, like no other compounded on earth, is still 100% efficacious and still 100% effective 'if' correctly dispenced and correctly taken.  How? With a dash of faith which releases the Holy Spirit's power to heal. God's Word, the Bible, is his prescribed medicine.  He's given us His Word for it , there is nothing like it, and He's always as good as His Word. Whatever you don't believe, or won't believe, you're still very welcome at the Healing Rooms.

Not all are healed, but many are.

You only have to read the many testimonies of healing at Healing Rooms, some of them are from HOTS (Healing on the Streets), to see that there is always 'The light of hope' at the end of the tunnel for you.  What's impossible for man isn't impossible for God, because to God the impossible doesn't exist!  There are 'no' guarantees that everyone will be healed, but more and more are and many more will be. The better you are at taking His medicine, the better you'll be!  We're here to help you on the road to recovery, every spoonful and swallow of the way!

Healing is progressive, it takes time!

Just to prove the point, cut your finger and it will heal, in time. Miracles are different, they're instantaneous, they're creative, the impossible made possible. "They come totally out of the blue." said C S Lewis.  In plain terms, miracles tell us that 'The Great Physician' is at work surprising us, astounding us, by doing the impossible. He loves it because He loves you!

A Healthy first step!

Simply make an appointment by ringing any of the hot-line phone numbers in the 'contact us' page. Chose your most convenient  centre , Weymouth, Dorchester, or Poole.  You will discover how gentle, kind and powerful this ministry really is and you will also very likely experience a tremendous sense of 'well being' here.

It won't cost you a bean either, because it's all free and completely confidential.  No arm twisting, criticism or fault finding. Just building your faith and stacks of encouragement which in itself will make you feel loads better.

Training at the Healing Rooms

All those interested in being on the Healing Rooms team are required to attend a trainging course so that they can see if this is a ministry The Holy Spirit is calling them to be part of.  For details and dates of courses please email: [email protected]